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What does it mean when a guy cums in you and after while it hurts in your stomach? could I be pregnant? help!

i need to know asap

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  • More likely then not that is NOT from pregnancy. You actually would feel good if it was from that. The best guess is that according to his diet his sperm is too acidic and it's causing your vagina to develop ulcers. That can be the case if the guy eats a lot of acidic foods(some fruits and meats).

What Guys Said 3

  • I would suspect it's something you ate.

    But you could be pregnant anyway.

  • chances are huge..bt you took protection or nt..tat matters as of nw..b on the safer side :)

What Girls Said 3

  • Pretty much YES!

  • Yes, you could be pregnant. I seriously recommend taking a pregnancy test.

  • It could mean anything. I sometimes get a pain in my stomach after sex, probably from an intense orgasm ;) But just to be safe I would go get Plan B...especially if it was unprotected.

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