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Trying to do something special for my husband in a more sexual fantasy type thing...

Looking for ideas. The more detailed the better. Trying to spice things up a bit and consider it more of a Christmas gift so I have time to plan... Show More

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  • First off, while there are many common fantasies, what someone likes or things about is very individual and specific to them. If you really want to hit a grand slam, try and pry some specifics out of your man, then make them happen! Is he more a Princess Leia slave girl, short skirt schoolgirl, or leather type guy?

    If you want to make it a gift that keeps on giving, consider pickup up a book like one of Laura Corn's link with a bunch of fun/romantic/sexy scenarios or task for each partner to setup. We have been enjoying "101 Nights of Grrreat Romance" this year. You could pick one to do for him first when you present the book.



    • Awesome! Thanks for the suggestion for 101 Dares. Definitely going to buy that one!

    • You can peek inside that book at amazon.com. Some winners in there too ;)

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  • get a cute outfit from Victoria's secret ((; they have nice stuff.

    • While victoria's secret certainly has some sexy outfits, if she really wants fantasy, try some place like http://www.3wishes.com/ instead.

    • I shop at VS quiet a bit and was looking for something more outside the box. I really appreciate your suggestion though! =) Merry Christmas!

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