Fake cleavage?

i have no boobs like at all, a cup. how do I invent some cleavage for a date? PS push up bras-yea, there is literally nothing to push up.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Instead of creating a negative energy about yourself (which he'll pick up on in seconds) take time to appreciate who you are, love how you look, and stop worrying that men are as superficial as the movies make us out to be.

    He wouldn't have a date lined up with you if only wanted you to have huge boobs.

    At first we guys notice women for superficial reasons but we fall in love with your personality.

    Remember, attraction isn't about how you look, or what you're saying - it's about who you're BEING that counts the most.

    If you're quiet, withdrawn, and hiding behind baggy clothing because you secretly feel you're "less than expected" than you'll be making him FEEL awkward and stiff.

    But if you're proud, and happy, and funny, and sexy, and flirty, and fun, then he'll be FEELING all the right things - no matter how fat, skinny, pretty or ugly you might think you are.

    Move past your boobs because he already has.

    Breast of luck!

    ~ Robby

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