Is it normal to bleed after anal?

I don't mean just the first time but it seems every time we do it I bleed afterwards.


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  • Sounds like you should stop doing it all together. Possibly damaging something.


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  • if your bleeding doesn't that mean it hurts. If it hurts doesn't that mean you should stop doing it. Its not normal at all. You should definitely be careful

  • I'm not an expert in anal sex but if your bleeding after then it means that your doing it wrong so I suggest you look up tips on how to do anal properly online...

  • You're not really supposed to be bleeding even after your first time.

  • NO! Not only is it not normal, it is dangerous. do you orgasm ? if you feel pain. stop. if you really enjoy anal sex, try ky by yourself .you might just a tiny anal opening. If you can't fit 3 of your fingers in, you are to tight .


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  • No. If it hurts you, stop doing it. It's one thing to like it rough, even anally, but it's another thing entirely to bleed from the force and friction of it. That means you're not being properly cared for or prepared. If you're not using lubricant, invest in some. There's no such thing as too much lube when it comes to anal, unless you LIKE having your insides torn to shreds like that. Have him use some of that lube to stretch you with his fingers before actual penetration.

  • I would get it checked out, but when you do anal your causing friction and damaging blood

    vessels. They heal on there on but more lube is a suggestion.

  • i do not think so that it should bleed after the first time