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Girls, rate my body please

Hi, I'm new this forum. I'm about to start weight lifting, but I just wanted to know if you girls think I have a good body or not. Be totally... Show More

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  • I think you're fine but could perhaps tone your stomach some more. But tbh you should just be happy with who you are :) as long as you feel comfortable with what you look like then that's all that matters. Not what all girls think as we all have different opinions :)

What Girls Said 9

  • Yea you look good and you seed you wanted to work out so just work on toning at first and then if you are wanting bulk up do that but you look fine how you are not bad at all but it what you want to do

  • its ok ..

    but needs a little work, would look so much better if you build some muscle and get it toned :)

  • you're body is ok right now, good thing it won't be too hard to get a better one, sweat that ass off buddy! don't worry we'll all hit the gym before summer, I know I am starting next week again..

  • I'd probably rate you at a 6. Work on getting nice pecs and tone the stomach. You can never go wrong with a V line either.

  • Ha You're too skinny.. Put on some weight and don't even tone up.. Buff up.. Ur tiny..I hate skinny guys.. or untoned-skinny girls.. That have no muscle, but are just skinny.. Ugh

  • You have a good start, you just need to tone up more in your stomach and chest.

  • u look good

  • ok, I guess. just hit the gym and tone up a little

What Guys Said 1

  • i know I ain't a girl but if I would I would tell you to work out big time

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