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Girls, what sexual position were you in when you lost your virginity?

What was the second position you tried?

And finally, what's your current favorite sexual position?

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  • Missionary.. was the best I think..but bad because he could see close up that I was crying.

    2nd position was me on top.

    My fav is doggie.. closely followed by me on top.

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  • first time was missionary.

    Them I eventually moved on to girl on top.

    And currently, I would consider either doggie style or missionary to be my favorite.

  • first time was missionary. my fav now is cowgirl or doggy hard choice!

  • first was girl on top. I like missionary the best probably

  • First position I lost it in was missionary. The second postition I tried was doggy, and my favorite positions are missonary, doggy, and girl on top

  • My first time was missionary...I seem to see a pattern developing here.

    My favorites now are in no particular order, missionary (see Sexinfo101.com deck chair and folding deck chair), cowgirl and doggy.

  • Missionary =P

    My favorite has to be when I'm on top.

  • first bottom and its the same now.

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