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What makes labia minora hang out?

it is genetic? does having too much sex has anything to do with it? is it condoms? just growing? masturbating?

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  • Vote A It's completely natural
  • Vote B Over usage especially masturbating and rubber condoms
  • Vote C Labia grows with age
for some odd reason I just don't seem to believe it's all natural, can I ask you girls and guys if it's more noticed in certain races more than the others? for example, do blondes tend to have it less obvious than brunettes? does it relate?...

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  • long labia minora is most definitely not from masturbating or from having too much sex ...it is natural just like some guys have different size packages...its not more common in certain races more than others but in some cultures they stretch labia on purpose (dont know why)... and it also has nothing to do with what color hair the girl has that's just dumb and long labia could definitely be genetic

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