butts and asses!

Ok. SO I know guys love girls with big jiggly bubble butts! But since asses are fat padding, they get cellulite and start looking cottage... Show More

hey everyone! didn't mean to sound like big butts are bad! they're not. they're sexy and I want one! but I can't seem to get it without it getting all bumpy and gross. anyone know how? so I guess I'm stuck with mine.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Not all guys love "girls with big jiggly bubble butts." I actually prefer the small toned asses.

    • Oh lol. cool. I tried making my but bigger but that just meant eating more and not working out those muscles. it got a really weird texture and I was like screw it. haha

    • Woah haha. no pun intended with the 'screw it'

    • Lmao. Well your sense of humor is pretty good. I would have caught that if you didn't.

      Anyway, I'm sure your butt is nice. lol