butts and asses!

Ok. SO I know guys love girls with big jiggly bubble butts!

But since asses are fat padding, they get cellulite and start looking cottage cheesy-y.

Would you rather have a girl with a big ripply and wrinkly ass, or a girl with a small but toned ass?

I mean in bed, and as a girlfriend (like when you go to the beach, w/e).

hey everyone! didn't mean to sound like big butts are bad! they're not. they're sexy and I want one! but I can't seem to get it without it getting all bumpy and gross. anyone know how? so I guess I'm stuck with mine.


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  • Not all guys love "girls with big jiggly bubble butts." I actually prefer the small toned asses.

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      Oh lol. cool. I tried making my but bigger but that just meant eating more and not working out those muscles. it got a really weird texture and I was like screw it. haha

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      Woah haha. no pun intended with the 'screw it'

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      Lmao. Well your sense of humor is pretty good. I would have caught that if you didn't.

      Anyway, I'm sure your butt is nice. lol