butts and asses!

Ok. SO I know guys love girls with big jiggly bubble butts!

But since asses are fat padding, they get cellulite and start looking cottage cheesy-y.

Would you rather have a girl with a big ripply and wrinkly ass, or a girl with a small but toned ass?

I mean in bed, and as a girlfriend (like when you go to the beach, w/e).

hey everyone! didn't mean to sound like big butts are bad! they're not. they're sexy and I want one! but I can't seem to get it without it getting all bumpy and gross. anyone know how? so I guess I'm stuck with mine.


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  • Not all guys love "girls with big jiggly bubble butts." I actually prefer the small toned asses.

    • Oh lol. cool. I tried making my but bigger but that just meant eating more and not working out those muscles. it got a really weird texture and I was like screw it. haha

    • Woah haha. no pun intended with the 'screw it'

    • Lmao. Well your sense of humor is pretty good. I would have caught that if you didn't.

      Anyway, I'm sure your butt is nice. lol

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  • There are the guys that love the big asses then there are guys that love the small asses and guys that love medium sized asses on girls and then there is the shape of the ass, which also comes into it. All these things are different between different guys. When you say you have a small ass how small do you mean real small or is it more like small to medium?

  • Im not picky but I do like big and a little jiggly. I would certainly date a girl with a small butt but I like big butts and love to see them shake.

  • Jiggly , cellulite and cottage cheesy ass >>>>> Small and toned since you put it sooo eloquently

  • I don't like big butts.

    • @ your update: Big butts aren't sexy.

  • i like small pretty asses better than HUGE asses.

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  • Hahaha, well when you word it like that, the "small but toned ass" sounds much nicer!

    Like in most instances of physical appearance, it depends on the girl and how she takes care of her body. :]

    • Oh well I mean toned asses are usually smaller and not as jiggly as bigger ones.

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    • I love asses big or small. but most of the bigger asses I've seen are wrinkly and have a lot of stretch marks. that's why I say the smaller ones are better

    • Just because ass is mainly made of fat doesn't mean they are cottage cheese-y. I mean I have a pretty large ass for an asian girl and I'm positive its not out of shape. some girls just don't know how to take care of themselves. I'm not a guy but hey in my opinion, as long as she takes care of herself and keep her body firm then its good :)

  • Awww, some of us girls can't help it if that's where we carry our weight...

    I have a 26" waist and 40" hips. All booty. And it's not exactly what I'd call "toned" but to each his/her own, I suppose.

    And also, not all huge asses are cellulite ridden and cottage cheesy. But then again, I'd rather have a ripply ass then say, veiny boobs or something...

    Variety is the spice of life! I love how everyone is different. It makes for great discussion, nes pas?

    • Ahhh. I know! I just wish I could make mine bigger without looking wrinkly and getting stretch marks. It is interesting. I was under the impression that bigger = better. But not much we can really do about what we're born with ;p

    • Nothin wrong with a big booty either.

    • Some people go through any means neccessary to get rid of the a big ass, seems strange to me because I think they are hot!!.

  • Hey 8-]. To get a big butt, I'm sure you would just have to eat, and then do lunges to make it toned and shaped. And then you could always treat cellulite, if you do happen to come across it, trying to get a big jiggly bubble butt lol, and anyway the small but toned one sounds lot better, but if the butt was big and good looking (don't noe wut else to say) then all these guys would prefer the junk in the trunk