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Role Play?

I'm curious, what are some of the more fun roles to play (ether for guys or girls)? I'm open to all sides of the spectrum and would like to hear the... Show More

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  • School Teacher/School GirlFrench Maid/EmployerNurse/PatientProstitute/JohnCheerleader/Football PlayerBeauty/Geek orStud/NerdSoldier/StrangerRapist/Innocent personVirgin/VirginBDSMFirefighter/VictimOfficer/CriminalPorn Stars(Act like porn stars)Masseuse/Massage receiverNanny/Babysitter/Father/MotherI came up with these on my own. link But when I googled role playing,a few sites popped up,Askmen being one of themPerhaps adding props to role play could help.Maybe something to spank each other with or *Toys*

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  • doctor and patientsecretary and bosscheerleader and football playerschool girl

  • rape lolz

    • Why do some women fantasize about rape and now you want to do a role play? What could possibly be pleasurable about imaging being raped?

    • I mean imagining being raped - sorry

What Guys Said 2

  • How about changing genders while having sex? The guy wears panties and lets the girl put makeup on him and she wears a strapon dildo and screws him in the butt? A little unusual perhaps but quite a unique experience.

  • She's a dragon and you must slay her with your willy?

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