Why do men seem to really enjoy my fat and puffy labia so much?

For me this has made sex wonderful for me as my guys will spend lots of time playing in that area before wanting intercourse and during that time I am in another world it feels so good.


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  • It is so refreshing to hear the other side of this question for a change. Most of the women I have responded to on this site are worried that their male friends don't like what the woman looks like.

    Good for you. Enjoy what you have.

    Also, labia can become engorged as you get excited too. I know that one of the things that excites me the most is when my woman is excited. Maybe that is working for you too.


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  • I just think it looks good. Nobody can explain why kittens look cute, or breasts are sexy because the just are. The fact that it feels good to you is a major bonus because not only can it make you have a better time when guys explore, but a guy will see that and turn him on more. I'm trying desperately to not sound shallow, but honestly, if you're enjoying his explorations, he will see that and enjoy it more too. Continue to enjoy it, please?


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  • Yay I have a fat pussy, too :) *high five*

    • Thanks Jessica and I sure hope your experiences are as good as mine.

  • I saw this q before I went out with some guy friends. Two of them said they didn't really care one way or the other, but one said he did. He said that puffy labia seem more sensitive and that he just likes how they look. He also said that this is only a turn on for him if they are totally hairless.

    • Yea I have had the same comments. The guys really like mine right after I shave it