Dominate me.

. guys, if your girl asked you to dominate during sex and really get rough and like pin you down and all that kinda stuff.. how would you feel about it?


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  • I do it all the time. It's a speciality skill and one that few people do well. You have to be able to provide the illusion of loss of control while making sure she has a really good time. I strongly recommend the negotiation chapter in SM 101: a realistic introduction as a primer.

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  • The sex can only get better when partners tell each other what they are fantasizing about and what they want to do. I'm all for it!

  • The majority of women I've been with like to dominate... sit on my face etc... I love it. It allows them to get exactly want they want and they tend to be very creative. It's a complete turn on for me.

  • i have done that before it was f***ing insane I gave her a bruse on her butt from picking her up and putting her on my dresser but she landed on the corner she was a good sport to she didn't tell me until we were done

  • I'd be happy to oblige, though I think most men would interpret this as, "Your not satisfying me at all".

    • He is very satisfying I just want it to be more raunchy..

  • Sounds like a trick.

    • Where did you get that interpretation

    • Its not a trick.. I want to ask him this..i want to try new things!

    • Lol, my boyfriend and I have a good understanding of our sex life.. I know he doest use me for sex because he could accuse me of the same thing, its not a trick.. its simply a way id like to spice up my sex life.

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  • I do that normal so it wouldn't bother me.

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  • I like the way you think :). Some guys who are like caring bfs find it harder to act like that though and like more romantic type sex.

    • If he ever does anything sort of dominating say something like "Oh I like when you control me" lol then maybe he will get the point.

    • Definatly.. any tips on how I can get him to be this way without just sorta straight out saying.. dominate me?

    • Lol oh you don't have to explain it to me... I know exactly what you mean. Romantic is nice when I'm feeling loving or on romantic days like Valentines day or your anniversary. But every other day I like it rough and dominated :)

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