Too late for Plan B?

i recently had unprotected sex...i know stupid but we used the "pull out method" anyways I forgot when my last period was and its too late to take plan b so I guess my question is what are my options now? just wait...I'm scared


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  • You have 72 hours after the unprotected sex to use plan b. And your options are:

    1, Get tested now.

    2. Go through your Facebook/emails and try to figure out exactly the day you're cycle began,

    2a) and then do some independant study of menstrual cycles to try and figure out if you had sex while you were ovulating.

    2b) and wait until your 35th day, and then get yourself tested (35th day is normally the longest length of a regular menstrual cycle for teens/young adults. However this number can increase if due to medical conditions such as an infection or the like)

    3. Wait.


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  • IDK if it's sold in the US but Ellaone is said to be efficient during 5 days: link

  • How long ago did you have unprotected sex?

    • It was like 4 days ago that's why I know its too late to take plan b

  • If its only been a day then you can go to a doctor and get the "morning after" pill. it is supposed to prevent pregnancy. other than that it is an unfortunate waiting game.


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  • You have 72 hours to take plan b. If that has passed. You will just have to wait . You can only get pregnant 5 days out of the entire month. So hopefully you are good. By The way pull out method doesn't work. I got pregnant when I was 20 that way.

  • 1. Wait.

    2. If you're not pregnant, go on birth control.

    3. If you are pregnant, congratulations.

    • HAHA congratulations that's the last word on my mind...i don't think I'm preg.

  • just double dose vitamen C it will cause cramping.. take it for a week..

  • well.. alls you can do is wait..

    if you guys only did the pull out method that once I'm sure your ok.. but I suggest condoms because I got pregnant using the pull out method.. I didn't realise precum can get you pregnant..

    ps if you only had sex 4 days ago mayb you should try plan b any ways!

    good luck woman