Why do guys give it up so easily? It's just like one click of a button and you are turned on!

I’m a virgin and I really honestly wouldn’t mind having a guy that’s a virgin also………….so are their guys out there that would prefer having a girl that's a virgin and are their guys out their that are a virgins I think I may have ran into 2 so far……its really sad to me it seems like guys really don't care!


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  • I had a girlfriend who was a "virgin" but she loved to flirt and drive men crazy with desire. Her virginity just made her more stuck up. She was much more of a slut than girls who had sex in private in my opinion for the way she tried to use her sexuality as a bargaining chip and a sort of carrot to dangle in front of men. She is a particular basket case I am not saying all over 18 virgins are like her or really encouraging anyone to lose their virginity just saying I lost my respect for virgin "good girls" to be honest. I don't really have a problem with actual virgins just with people who carry their V card around as a point of pride and wave it around like they are better than anyone else and everyone else is lower for participating in something natural and enjoyable. Often these virgins are more sex obsessed than those that actually have sex. I mean I suppose I did try to have sex with my ex girlfriend but It was because I knew we were both gonna lose it eventually and I wanted it to be together with my first love with the girl I had danced with and held hands with in 7th grade, it's was the same dream you have but I knew that it would be too late someday. Now I have lost mine and she probably has too with some guy she hardly knows who probably doesn't even care about her and didn't even try to make it special. Have I engaged in some casual sex yeah but its not like that's what I prefer. I don't know where the stereotype that woman are all about relationships and commitment and men only sex, sometimes its the other way around, I have been ready to "commit" and been rejected a lot for better or for worse, who really knows. I think a lot of men out there on the look for a one night stand had a dream of a true romantic love that fell apart, sure maybe it was his fault that's not really my point. I guess I am far off of your topic. But I want to ask you a question what is so great about being a virgin? Is sex bad? Isn't it ironic you are on the look for virgin men. You are looking to get laid. What is it I "don't care" about exactly? Honestly men are a big part of the problem here too because a lot of men also value female virginity as special. But this seems like some male hypocrisy and maybe even a bit of a pedophilism. Why do you want a guy who seeks out a virgin, who wants to deflower a maiden, sure its an age old male fantasy but its not a very pretty one. like I said if he's an adult it seems a bit on the pedophile side. it strikes me an intelligent mans sexual fantasy is about a woman who knows what she's doing, sorry if it seems romance is dead in me. It sort of is but love isn't I can love someone that's what's really important. For all your virgin chastity you are actually judging men not on their qualities as people but on something sex related. Sorry If my answer seems crazy and p*ssed off. Its not really directed at you just letting somethin out