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How do you get a woman to want to touch or see your penis?

How do you get a woman to want to touch or see your penis? please answer girls and guys

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  • HOw do you let her know it is OK?I would do that cause I am curious, but I do not want him to thin it means I want sex.. I when ever had sex, & I am ot ready, but I would just like explore it... Are you trying to figure this out NOEW or just curious in general.. Cause I am trying ot figure out how to tell if I am ready, or if he is ok with it.. What would you do if you did not want her to touch it?Why do you want her to touch it? I mean does it feel good, it comforting, does it make you feel like she trust you? Any other reason then feels good. ;-)Oh. ONe thing FOR SURE- BE VERY VERY CLEAN ;-)

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  • Get her drunkLolJoking, umm.. Just chill with you and her and make some strawberries and chocolate = aphrodisiac, so she'll feel up for it and your her only option. :-)

  • Well first, you have to have one.

  • Have her be in love with you.

  • if she's attracted to you and ready she will.. you really have no choice in the matter.

What Guys Said 3

  • Become a guy who is both hot and nice. The hot part is relatively trivial. It's the moral part that needs the most scrutiny.

  • Rub up against her in a crowded elevator with an erection.

  • They either do or they don't. Nothing you can do about it.

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