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Do girls like body hair?

okay, I know this may sound a little silly, but do you girls like body hair on a guy? I don't mean like a full on chubakka on someone, but like some... Show More

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  • I wouldn't mind either way. If he had chest hair then I would think its really manly and like it but then again if he didn't I would like that he has nice smooth skin on his chest. hahaha Honestly it doesn't matter too much. If I like the guy then it really doesn't bother me either way.

    Everyone has body hair, even girls. Yes I went there! hahahahaha

    • LEGENDARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!hahaha

    • Lol

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  • I don't mind tummyhair.. But, my boyfriend has chest hair.. AND I WILL WAX IT! wheter he's asleep or not.. hahahhaha leg hair.. is whatevrs.. armpit hair is ok.. once its not like reallllllly long..

  • the fashion popular today is no body har for a guy. but some women do find it more manly (personally I like body hair but its not that big a thing for it to matter in my choice of men) all womens taste are different so it depends on wht she likes. I'm sure there are plenty of women out there that would rather a man have no chest hair!

  • Wow you're 6'2 and non hairy. You are my kind of guy lol. So obviously no, not all girls will care. For me it would be a huge turn on. I hate hairy guys and tallness is my weakness.

    • Haha thanks, that's good to hear. don't get me wrong, I'm not completely hairless, but girls do tell me I'm smooth ;) lol. glad to hear its at least a turn on.

  • i don't mind some body hair. I think it show masculinity. just as long as ur not walking around with a forest all over ur bodu

  • You really aren`t done maturing at 18. You may get more body hair in the future.

    But if you don`t, that`s okay. A lot of girls prefer no body hair. Some do, some don`t. So don`t worry. You can`t be expected to please every girl on the planet at once when they all have different preferences, anyhow.

  • If you have body hair.. ok. If you don't have body hair... that's ok too. Don't really care or think about it much.

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