Do girls like body hair?

okay, I know this may sound a little silly, but do you girls like body hair on a guy? I don't mean like a full on chubakka on someone, but like some chest hair, maybe some hair on the stomach.. I'm only asking this because I don't think I'll ever have any body hair =/(aside from pube/armpit hair of coarse). I'm already 18 and I'm pretty sure I've finished maturing. I haven't grown in 2 years but I'm still 6'2. back to the subject, will body hair matter at all? cause I hear some girls think its masculine, if that's the case, well it sucks to be me =/.


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  • I wouldn't mind either way. If he had chest hair then I would think its really manly and like it but then again if he didn't I would like that he has nice smooth skin on his chest. hahaha Honestly it doesn't matter too much. If I like the guy then it really doesn't bother me either way.

    Everyone has body hair, even girls. Yes I went there! hahahahaha

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