Pleasuring him?

I'm going to be flying out to a different state for a couple days to see a serious fling pretty soon & we'll be staying in the same hotel room while I'm there. I'm a virgin, I'd like to stay that way till I'm married & he knows & respects that but I keep getting the feeling from him that the 'no sex' part going to be a little hard for him.

I'm not opposed to having my shirt & bra off, but for my sake (& mostly lessen temptation for him ha ha) I'd like to keep our pants on when making out. I'm definitely not ready to give a blow job & I'd have to have alcohol in me to give him a hand job. Would just straddling him while we're sitting & grinding on him (nothing to hurt him obviously) be enough to make him orgasm? Any other ideas?


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  • If you can't even give the guy a hand job sober are you sure you should be flying out to see him and sharing a hotel room with him?

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      That's what I said to him...he said he be find though...