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Happy ending after a massage? Guys? Girls?

Have you ever received a happy ending at a massage parlor? Would you ever? I'm talking to you girls too! What if, during your massage, the massage... Show More

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  • I've never heard of a happy ending massage for a girl. I didn't think they offered this, and I am not sure if I would try if it was offered. I would rather have sex with my guy than get a guy to 'rub one out' after a massage.

    And from what I've heard of blakeharvey, you'll have better luck if you ask at an asian massage parlor.

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  • i wanna know how to ask/get a "happy ending" and what might happen if she is disgusted...please comment and answer

  • All involved being single
    and the deal is legal...
    could make this a new habit of mine.

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