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How do you turn a guy on over the phone?

i know you can turn him on by talking dirty. but what about some subtle things? small things? better ways to talk dirty?

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  • "Hey josh, while your on the phone with me I want your opinion... I was trying to pick some new lingerie but I couldn't decide what I liked. What kind of lingerie is your preference?"- This part of the conversation makes you aware of what he likes or is his favorite.. Mines skirts ;) ;)Then escalate the conversation to: "Okay, now that we have been talking about lingerie, what would you want me to do while I'm wearing it"... Make it creative and fun.- This part can really kick up the sparkLastly, don't forget to follow through. Men hate being teased, but we do like being turned on.~ ArtistBBoy

  • Tone of your voice, speak sloftly and in a husky voice, tease, play make fun build up,

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