Girls, can you get wet if your on your period?

Wasn't really sure if girls can get wet or come if they're on their period because I never thought it was possible, but my friend said it was. Girls what's the verdict?


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  • Totally possible. A girl's period doesn't prevent her from getting aroused, or from orgasming if she's in the mood to masturbate or have sex. A lot of girls experience an increase in arousal at the time of their period, while others want nothing to do with the idea of sex during their period. Personally, I tend to experience that increase.

    • Avoid rain because of their period? I've never heard of a girl doing that.

    • Why do girls avoid going in rain when in periods ?

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  • of course... we do get hornier during our period

  • LOL Totally. Gals do actually experience an increase in horniness close to the end of the period. At times through out the period.

  • Yes. Were actually more horny towards the end of a period to.

  • lol oh yes, we can and we do... girls are hornier around their period!

  • Yeah, definitely. We may have a red wave flowing from our vajayjays but we can still have orgasms (should we not be in so much pain to even try so) and such on the days the red ninja visits. :)

  • Yes we get wet and can orgasm, periods don't make any difference to that

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