Why is she wet?

tonight, I was with my girlfriend, and I was rubbing her back, and then moved to her butt, and was lightly rubbing her butt, and she said it felt really good, she was wearing really tight sweat pant type pants, and I could tell her vagina was soaking wet...why is this? did she want to have sex, or what? I mean, it wasn't at all a sexual situation, and I wasn't trying to turn her on, but should I feel good that I did?

Also normally, when I try to rub her vagina, she seems apprehensive about it, so I just back off, but tonight, she didn't seem to mind, and spread her legs more, I guess "inviting" me to do it more...is this good too?


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  • Yes! and Yes! Both are good things, you should feel good about it! :D

    Some times it doesn't take much to turn us on...Some things can just hit us right and there we go...

    I know my boyfriend doesn't ever have to do much to me(not always incredibly sexual) and ther I go gettign wet for him, but some times he can just start in on rubbing my p**** and it takes a few min for it to get wet enough to do what he is wantign to do ;) ;) So she might of before been aprehensive about you rubbing her vagina because she wasn't sure if she wanted that at the time(we are pretty picky about our sex and timing), but when she started getting wet with you rubbing her back and butt then she couldn't really help getting wet down there. So now that she sees she likes it, then yes, she was going to be more open about it! :D

    But as far as if she was wanting to have sex, that depends on her. I know if I was in that situation with my guy, then yes, that would be my hint that "im gettign wet just for you and I want you in me right now!" But for her she could of just really been getting into that feeling at the time and just wanted more fingering...it just depends on your girl and where you guys are at sexually.

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  • You turned her on, she was horny.

  • Be proud hahaha.

    Girls are easier to turn on than you think...she may not be ready for sex but it sounds like she wants to do something!

  • This is weird for someone to turned on by tht ? :| lol it would moree then tht for moi but its possible everyone has there hot spots so I guess tht one of hers & yea wht ur intention was might have been a manipulation for her, if she asked you she's probably trying to hind somethin somethin ;) atta boi ! ur learninggg:P

  • it sounds like to me that she likes you feeling up on her she's dripping wet lol

  • it's a nice way to you to finger f*** her. nice job missing your chance [=

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  • You should feel great. You got your girl in the mood without even trying. She wanted to go a little further, maybe not necessarily sex, but she definitely wanted something out of it. Pat on the back.

  • Well you can tell her back is sensitive which is why she liked it.

    Ok it's like this, many males get hard because of something that attracts them or gets them hard right? It works the same way with the females.

  • Girls get wet when they're arroused dude. Doesn't have to be a sexual situation.

  • Just keep going! I figured sex is pretty boring if she's the only one working ;) the best thing you can do I guess that's a sixtynine :P I suggest you ease her into it with what you're doing and then just take it one step ahead slowly. first you do the massage and the back / butt rub, then you start rubbing her p**** slowly on the outside and you kind of just enter it with your fingers as she seems more ready, you will se this by her legs spreading gradually. finally you can start eating her out until she comes ;) if you pull your cack out ,then, she'll be all over it , she will be surprized and think ; whaat? he brought d*** too? damn!

  • Atta boy! sometimes I give massages just to get there. It's proved target the back and feet too its a sure fire way. next time start rubbing your parts on her butt or add a little body kissing to the mix

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