Girls, when you go braless is it for comfort or attention? Are you conscious of the attention you're going to draw? Is that the point, or just an unavoidable side effect? Do you appreciate guys noticing you, or do you wish they wouldn't?

Guys, when you encounter a braless girl do you let your reaction show or try to hide it? What if you're with your gf/wife? Are you able to play it cool or are you just resigned to the fact that you're busted and pay the price?


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  • I pretty much never go braless because my boobs are big & it would be way too obvious and weird..If I do, it's never in public and I do it for comfort. I think it's disgusting when girls do it for attention. Like, obviously it's cold out and your wearing a tight t-shirt, everyone's gonna be able to see your nips and I really don't want to see that at all.

    • There's nothing wrong with nipples. We all have them, and it frankly shouldn't be a big deal if someone can see them.

      I go braless all the time, and I have big boobs. It takes a while to get used to, but I find it quite liberating. :)

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  • I go braless all the time. It is for the furthest reason from wanting attention. Aside from the fact braless is a women in the most natural state, I do it for comfort. I dont have massive breasts, they are smaller and perky, you may not even notice I am braless. I never go out wearing tight skskimpy clothes to show "oh hey, I am braless" but if you notice and dislike ot, that's on you... not me.

  • hmm actually if girls go braless its usually for comfort. bt it depends sometimes we go braless in public if we are wearing a kind of dress/clothes that needs us 2 do so other than that I think most girls won`t go braless. my boobs are quite big so don`t wanna get 2 much attention by going braless. personally if I c any other girls braless it is quite akward and embarassing if you c their nipples sticking out. that is my thought.^^

  • sometimes for comfort sometimes for style but for me never for attention. I don't really care if people notice unless I'm hella nippy! omg embarrassing! loll

  • I never go braless. I'm a size 32N/32O and no my boobs do not sag, they're still perky believe it or not. But I really need the support for my breasts so even if I wanted to I wouldn't be able to go braless.

    If you have small / average breasts and they're still firm, going braless isn't that bad. To avoid the nipples showing through, I would use those nipple covers.

  • I never go braless actually. My boobs are pretty big to say the least and it would be very noticeable. As a girl when I see other women do that no matter how small or big they are it looks gross to me. It seems to me like they did not finish getting dressed that morning/afternoon/night.


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  • It depends on the type of shirt that she is wearing. If she's wearing something somewhat revealing, then yeah, I'd look for a couple of seconds (with my mouth closed) and move on. If I'm with my gf, I would never look, mainly to avoid any stupid bullsh*t arguments.

    I like checking girls out, especially when they wear somewhat revealing clothes, but I try not to be rude about it.