Girls, when you go braless is it for comfort or attention? Are you conscious of the attention you're going to draw? Is that the point, or just an unavoidable side effect? Do you appreciate guys noticing you, or do you wish they wouldn't?

Guys, when you encounter a braless girl do you let your reaction show or try to hide it? What if you're with your gf/wife? Are you able to play it cool or are you just resigned to the fact that you're busted and pay the price?


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  • I pretty much never go braless because my boobs are big & it would be way too obvious and weird..If I do, it's never in public and I do it for comfort. I think it's disgusting when girls do it for attention. Like, obviously it's cold out and your wearing a tight t-shirt, everyone's gonna be able to see your nips and I really don't want to see that at all.

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      There's nothing wrong with nipples. We all have them, and it frankly shouldn't be a big deal if someone can see them.

      I go braless all the time, and I have big boobs. It takes a while to get used to, but I find it quite liberating. :)