Is it wrong that sometimes I fantasize about being raped?

Is this wrong that sometimes some women fantasize about this? What do you think it is? Is it the feeling of being dominated? Do men fantasize about this too? Please keep in mind that I don't in any way condone a violent act of rape, I just sometimes fantasize about it. =/ I'm so confused!


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  • I fantasize about being raped too sometimes. I don't think its wrong just different. Its like any fantasy a person has, like playing nurse and patient, cop and armed robber, Or like a cheerleader, what ever you want to dress up as. I think it is the feeling of being dominated. Sometimes its fun to not have control over a situation. And I haven't a clue if men fantasize about it. But know that you're not alone and I know several other people that fantasize about getting raped.

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