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Is it wrong that sometimes I fantasize about being raped?

Is this wrong that sometimes some women fantasize about this? What do you think it is? Is it the feeling of being dominated? Do men fantasize about... Show More

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  • I fantasize about being raped too sometimes. I don't think its wrong just different. Its like any fantasy a person has, like playing nurse and patient, cop and armed robber, Or like a cheerleader, what ever you want to dress up as. I think it is the feeling of being dominated. Sometimes its fun to not have control over a situation. And I haven't a clue if men fantasize about it. But know that you're not alone and I know several other people that fantasize about getting raped.

    • Good Point!

    • How many Pussy fags in one room? Domination yall wouldn KNOW SHIT FAGS

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  • its common fantasy among girlsfantasizing is no crimeit not a big deal until it turns into reality

  • No, men don't fantasize about being raped. They might be doing the rape but not getting it.

  • it seems pretty exciting in a controlled environment. I'd do it for my girlfriend, no doubt.Hey dude, I'm into having sex in other people's houses, or in public, or in a place we could get caught. My girl is into being outside. We all have our thing.

  • that is a control fantasy nothing wrong with it at all try it but be careful how you do it do a little role play have you boyfriend come in get a little ruff play it out you know use a mask or some thing see if you like it silk ropes type of stuff .role play spices up the bedroom sometimes

  • no not at all.fantasizing about rape is very normal.secondly it shows ur taset of sex." do you like fast horny kinky sex? " ask urself.

    • I forgot to mention, I'm not really into that type of sex....thats what makes all this so much more weird!! And everyone is mentioning "role play" but the thing is I don't know if that's something that I would be too shy to do...?

  • Its not abnormal I think. But if you don't like this kind of dream, you may hate it by watching some clips about violence and sex on net.

  • It's a common fantasy for both sexes and there is a domination overtone to it. There are several porn sites on the net that deal with fantasy rape.I would never commit such an act, but there's something erotic about tearing a girls clothes off and just taking her.

  • Don't worry. It's not that uncommon, and it doesn't make you a bad person.

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  • It's not wrong at all. I think it comes from the idea that a man would be so overcome with desire that he would just take us. I've had that fantasy, and it doesn't mean I really want to be raped or anything like that. Lots of things exist in my fantasy world that I'd never let come into my real world.As for men, yeah, at least some of them have the same sort of fantasy. I know my boyfriend does and I also know that he'd never let that actually get into his real world either.

  • its not rape if you enjoy it (sorry something stupid me and my friends say)but I personally don't think its a good fantasy to have but it is more a fantasy of someone controlling you and you having no power to stop what there doing which is kind of normal but if it was a fantasy of actually being raped in a very violent way I would start to worrybut the wanting to be controlled act is normal

    • Nooo!! Definitely not "real" rape. I know that rape is traumatizing and I have been date raped before when I was much younger. What I meant by this was the kind of rape that you are taken control of. But thanks for the input!

  • I tend to agree with most of the people who responded already. If you're fantasizing about it, then you obviously have some subconscious areas to work out. It could be one of those things that you have to try once and get it out of your system. My suggestion is to talk to your significant other about it, develop a safe word, and dabble in it. It's a fairly common fantasy, so take a deep breath. Don't do anything you're not comfortable with and try and focus on WHY you're having those fantasies.

  • Lots of girls fantasize about rape, but I think it was just the feeling of being dominated. There is nothing wrong when it comes to fantasies. I have been raped, the reality is rape hurts in all ways - there is no sexual pleasure, you weren't made to be penetrated like that. It is probably the one of the most traumatizing things that can happen to you. But I heard lots of women do, so it's perfectly normal.

  • uh its normal kinda to me but its way different kinda strange but not kinda normal I guess I may have back way in the day

  • I fantasize about it too,it's ok sweety.I would say absolutely normal,we girls like to be dominated sometimes,and it makes the thing more exiting.But JUST IN A FANTASY,NOT IN REAL(about rape)

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