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Rate my body!?

Hey, can you manly men tell me what I need to work on. And rate me or whatever. Thanks guys. :)


Most Helpful Opinion

  • wow very sexy... I give you an overall 8.8

    nice boobies and goo definition all over :) I like

    nothing much you can work on you look pretty perfect in body...more points I would have given for a tan...or darker skin complexion but that just my preferance

    • Lmao...well you know there's some bitches stalking out there. LOL rating down lmao

What Guys Said 16

  • Maybe a really sexy pose? I like your body the way it is.

  • you're pretty fit and your boobs look nice, 8.5 or 9 overall :)

  • :O

  • Physically, you don't have to work on anything at all. Just make sure you're a good person. : )

  • Looks great to me, fit but not muscly.

  • dat waist is a 10.

  • get those abs up!

  • You have a sexy body, and I think you know that!

  • 9 or 10, don't change anything you have a nice body:)

  • work a bit on your shoulders, everything else is nice ;P

    • You can't help it if you have naturally broad shoulders. That's just her build. And if you weren't referencing to her broad shoulders then sorry my mistake.

    • Nah, I meant like, put some muscle on them, make them more rounded/toned

  • ohhh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah! :D

    • How can you disagree with me, ^ that means I like her body :p. haha

    • Lol other people have got 2 downs as well. I think some jealous girls are creeping :)

  • I don't think you really need to work on anything. I don't know if I'm the best person to ask though, because Schwarzenegger keeps calling me a girly man.

  • very small tits. looks like man wearing bra. 2/10

  • need to see your face!

  • ur obviously just looking for attention

What Girls Said 2

  • your shoulders are all like hunchy. but other then that you look pretty nice. maybe buy different bras and underwear? spice it up! they help

    • The different bra and underwear, makes you look slutty and cheap. real talk.

  • Are you sucking in, because it looks like you are...

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