Girls getting "looser"

What do you think about a girl getting looser with the more sex/ sexual partners she has? Does it happen?

Common sense would dictate that more times she has sex and the more sex partners she has, the looser she will be. Do you girls really think you're as tight as you were before you had sex?

I'll give you an example: If a guy has sex with a girl and he is her first, they have sex for a while, they break up, she has sex with a few other guys for a year or two. IF the original guy gets back with her, will she still be as tight as before?

It really boggles my mind...

OK, lets compromise. I know no girl would want to admit that they are looser than "before." SO lets just say that there is SOME difference from before she became sexually active, but not a huge difference. Or is that unacceptable? haha


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  • No I don't think it works like that. And I don't think I'm any less "tight" than how I was when I was a virgin. Vaginas come in all different sizes so some girls are just tighter than others.

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      I know you don't want to think you're any looser, but seriously, the more you stretch something out the looser it will get. When I first started having sex with my girlfriend who was a virgin, I could barely go halfway in, after a few more times I could go all the way, and have been able to ever since. That goes to show that her body had to get looser to be able to have sex with me. Just like stretching a muscle, it gets more "flexible."

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      Read this and educate yourself dude:

      There are other reasons your girlfriend would have been looser after having sex with you for a while, especially if she was a virgin previously. If she was nervous the first few times, she would have been less aroused, and you would have had a harder time. After she got more comfortable with you, it would have become easier.

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      Still disagree with you. The fact that it was easier for you to get in is probably more to do with her being less nervous. When a woman is turned on the vagina relaxes and becomes bigger. That is exactly what it was like for me and I know my own body. Giving birth can cause the vagina to stretch out a bit but having sex can't.