How do you finger yourself, and I need details, I don't know the name of places.

how do you finger yourself, and I need details, I don't know the name of places. yes, I am a girl, and I don't know how to do it. I know. is there like a picture or anything that will help me?


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  • find your vaginal opening with your finger. Draw you finger toward your belly button. At the point where you lips meet, there should be a little button of flesh that feels wonderful when you rub it. This is your clit, love it, pet it, take it home, it's your best friend.

    here's some basic directions



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  • Just experiment, with it all down there, everyone likes different stuff. Mess with the ole bum hole (anus) the vagina and the clitoris. look for a diagram on the web. Hope that helps a bit!

  • You are young. Don't do it if it doesn't feel comfortable for you. The main place would be the clit but I don't like using my own hands (to me it feels strange) get a vibrator and use on yourself to find out what you like.

  • get relaxed, think about a hot guy/girl (how ever you roll...) and rub parts of ur body that feel good. usually places like your nipples, hips and clit (top part or ur vagina) after you get wet anuff and your clit starts to tingle take 1 or 2 fingers and slowly insert them into ur vagina, continue rubbing ur clit and when you get ur fingers in you make a kind of come here motion. keep doing this as long as you like and have fun ;]