Girls..How long do you like a guy to last in bed?

I just wonder how long girls like to go it a problem that guys don't have multiple orgasms?


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  • 30 mins or so

    • 30 mins of continuous thrusting or oral+fingering+stop 'n' go combined ?

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    • That's why sex is good cardio

    • Maybe you should masterbate a good amount ahead of time so you won't get over excited when time comes

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  • My guy and I will sometimes have sex for at least 3 hours. It's very pleasurous. We do lots of different intimate things!

  • 30 to 45 minutes is just nice...

  • Half an hour or fourty five. Then of course, Alllll night long hahahah

  • I don't care how long it is, as long as I get off. Most guys just quit when they're done. Which is suuuper frustrating.

    • Do most guys finish before you?

    • Usually, guys get off before girls. It take less time and effort for a guy to reach orgasm. Usually, not always.

    • Yeah, guys finish pretty quicklly. And their recovery time (the time until they're ready to go again) is not as quick as girls.

  • the best I received so far is almost two hours.


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