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Girls what do you prefer? shaved or hairy private area for guys?

or maybe both?

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  • If I take care of my stuff, I want you to take care of yours. Having an unruly mane down there won't stop whatever is about to happen, but its a turn off. For me personally anyways.

What Girls Said 5

  • men should be hairy, men shouldnt shave

  • dont matter really propley trimmed :-D

  • completely shaved just makes me want to go down on the guy even more :P

    but some hair is alright, I don't mind it if its trimmed...manscaping is good!

  • To me honestly it don't matter

What Guys Said 3

  • not hairless rats...

  • I keep mine trimmed

  • No girl I've been with or talked with has ever wanted a guy to be hairy. Some might prefer completely shaved, but most are happy with trimmed.

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