Do guys like a hairy p**** or not hairy?

I'm curious as to the answer and too shy to ask a guy.

thanks for all the insight :]]


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  • As I always say, different strokes for different folks. Me? I don't really care at all, as long as it's clean. I've tried oral on and penetrated full bushes, landing strips, waxed, recently shaved, the works. A full bush is not fun for oral, but fine for sex, whereas a recently shaved groin will tend to rub on a man's penis as the labia is pulled inward from penetration, and it HURTS! So I guess I do have a bit of a preference after all... waxed is a wonderful experience on the tongue and lips but most anything sans a jungle is fine, whereas for sex, it really doesn't matter as long as there isn't any recently shaved short little bristles. Ow!


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  • I like both.

  • Shave it. All of it. Bare muffins look better and tastes better. Even men should shave, most women I've been with(mostly top dollar sex workers the past ten years) enjoy a shaved or partially shaved man.

  • Well . I used to like it shaved , since it felt smoother when I did the best part of foreplay . giving head . However , with my current girlfriend , who has too tender a skin to shave too much , a little bush feels surprisingly good . even though I have not had the change to give her head yet .

  • I'm truly not dodging the question when I say that I like both. I like 'em full bush, trimmed, landing strip, and all bare. It's just a different look, no different than different styles for hair on your head (except nobody's going bare on top on purpose). It wouldn't bother me at all if natural pubic hair came back in style. I hear/read a lot of girls say "ewww that's dirty!" But I don't get that. She's taking a shower every day anyway, what's so "dirty" about it? I don't get it.

  • Most guys don't like hair

  • well its like do girls like guys with hairy chest's its majority that say no. but as you get older they care less and less. and so really I say as long as they are trimmed I don't care hair or not just be groomed so I'm not pulling hairs out my mouth when I go down on you. everyone has different prefrences but have it how you want to. and wait for the guy who likes you for how you are.

  • Clean shaven all the way plz

  • landing strips or a good oll natural look for me

  • I prefer a shaved p**** but my girl just keeps hers very trimmed, the main reason is for oral purposes, I love to do it and she loves it when I do it I just can't stand the hair.

  • Shaved or trimmed. But don't leaave it messy. It's a turn off. But if they love you, they shouldn't care.

  • Non hairy...i love to suck my gals p**** to satisfy me and my gal...think, if a man has chest hair, would you like to suck/lick his nipples/chest?NO, same goes for female pussy.

    • Hey buddy, I'm au naturale, and I've got a nice, pleasantly soft and furry chest. I've never asked people about it - they just tell me up front they love it. Just thought you should know - different strokes for different folks.

  • hey a soft fur really excites a male. hairy p**** brushing against **** makes feel so sexy.

  • as a guy, i like my girls not hairy down there.

  • These are the reasons why you should always keep hair down there:

    1) Men like real women. And everybody knows that women have hair down there, and little girls don´t. If a man feels horny by watching a completely shaved woman who looks like a child down there... believe me, there is something wrong here (a pervert?). It´s against human nature.

    Of course, men don´t like hairy legs or hairy armpits in women. You are a woman, not a man. So keep them hairless. You just have to keep your bush and if your hair is well covered by your pants or bikini, everything´s fine. Believe me.

    2) If you have never shaved your pubic hair, you will see it is soft and beautiful. Once you start shaving, end of the story. You become a slave of shaving. Stubble and so on. Not sexy. And the famous "brazilian style" is more expensive than simply shaving your legs and between them, If you have your bush, don´t shave it. Just trim between the bikini line.

    3) The first idea that comes to our minds when we find out that the woman has hair down there is "she is more innocent, she seems to be a decent girl". These shaved women are usually associated to p*rno stars, for instance. And then, the man believes that this woman likes to show her private areas to almost everyone. That´s the first idea. Hair down there is associated to "purity" for us.

    4) When having sex in face to face positions, pubic hair (from both) reduces friction. It´s very unpleasant for us to feel this friction when the completely shaved woman moves. Most women don´t exactly know this functional feature of pubic hair.

    5) Additionally, pubic hair will help you to prevent infections. This is another functional feature. It´s like the hair we all have inside the nose. Without hair, your vulva is totally exposed.

    Finally some comments:

    Most shaved women argue that they feel fresh and cleaner. Let´s clarify this point: Men like clean women. No doubt. So, no matter if you have hair or not, your hygiene is extremely important in any case. A shaved women who has poor hygiene will smell bad down there, and if you are unshaved, even worse. So, being shaved does not solve the problem. It´s the hygiene, grooming.

    Good luck!

  • trimmed would be nice


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