Do guys like a hairy p**** or not hairy?

I'm curious as to the answer and too shy to ask a guy.

thanks for all the insight :]]


Most Helpful Guy

  • As I always say, different strokes for different folks. Me? I don't really care at all, as long as it's clean. I've tried oral on and penetrated full bushes, landing strips, waxed, recently shaved, the works. A full bush is not fun for oral, but fine for sex, whereas a recently shaved groin will tend to rub on a man's penis as the labia is pulled inward from penetration, and it HURTS! So I guess I do have a bit of a preference after all... waxed is a wonderful experience on the tongue and lips but most anything sans a jungle is fine, whereas for sex, it really doesn't matter as long as there isn't any recently shaved short little bristles. Ow!