He likes to watch me pee?

I've been going out with my boyfriend for just under a year now an he told me last night he likes to watch people pee that it really turns him on.. he thinks its f***ed up and wants to change it but he can't he is not pressuring me to do it or anything he's fine with me not doing it in front of him, he need to get it off his chest and I don't no how to react to this any ideas ?


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  • Different strokes for different folks. There's a whole community of 'water sports' enthusiasts out there. If you're fine with it, and he gets something out of it, I see no issue with it...Unless you're worried about it possibly going from watching you pee to him wanting you to pee on him, and you aren't willing to deal with that. Talk to him about it and find out how far it goes. If anything it'll help him realize at least where you're concerned it's nothing he should be completely ashamed of; albeit a bit unusual.


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  • Me personally, I would be totally freaked out by this. I'm trying to see how I would react if I were you::: Okay it's great that he is comfortable enough to share this personal info with you. And if you are Okay with it then I guess there is no harm done... But urine is in fact waste from our bodies.

  • Well, that's just what he's into. I guess it's up to you if you will allow him to watch you pee