Ladies, would you rather have the perfect set of boobs or a the perfect butt?

I know plenty of you ladies out there are already beautiful but if you could have either the perfect butt or the perfect boobs which one would you pick? I guess I'm asking in a round about way which is more important to you to look good? Just a silly question to have some fun with. Thanks for the answers in advance.

  • Vote A Bigger, perfectly round awesome boobs?
  • Vote B Bigger, perfectly round tight ass?
  • Vote C Already have both and what to submit a pic to prove it?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I've always been more focused on my boobs than my ass since my boobs are non-existent and I've never focused on my ass just because I don't really understand the whole butt thing but I can say I'm unhappy with mine. It's not huge but all of my friends are always going, "I love you and your cute little butt," and one time I was walking a friend home with someone because she was completely wasted and as we were walking some guy walks by us and then when he was about 20 feet ahead goes, "I like the one with the little butt." Both of the girls I was with are bigger and they go, "In case you were wondering, he's talking about you."