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Ladies, would you rather have the perfect set of boobs or a the perfect butt?

I know plenty of you ladies out there are already beautiful but if you could have either the perfect butt or the perfect boobs which one would you... Show More

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  • Vote A Bigger, perfectly round awesome boobs?
  • Vote B Bigger, perfectly round tight ass?
  • Vote C Already have both and what to submit a pic to prove it?

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  • I've always been more focused on my boobs than my ass since my boobs are non-existent and I've never focused on my ass just because I don't really understand the whole butt thing but I can say I'm unhappy with mine. It's not huge but all of my friends are always going, "I love you and your cute little butt," and one time I was walking a friend home with someone because she was completely wasted and as we were walking some guy walks by us and then when he was about 20 feet ahead goes, "I like the one with the little butt." Both of the girls I was with are bigger and they go, "In case you were wondering, he's talking about you."

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What Girls Said 11

  • What makes them perfect? Perfect in whose eyes?

    • I kinda figured this would come up. just in your eyes. what you would think is a perfect ass or some perfect boobs. everyone is different so just kinda whatever you think. just to play along

  • My ass is nice, if I'd want anything it would be bigger boobs. My bra size is a 36 B right now and I get told I have big boobs but not really lol. A lot of guys have seen them I know that sounds slutty but not really because half the time I didn't mean to. And I've never had complaints I just wish they was like a C36.

  • I would like to have bigger boobs right now I have a 34b and I already have a nice but not perfect butt. so bigger boobs.

  • i like both of mine already, but a little bit of a better butt would be nice hahah (:

  • I'm already happy with my small boobs and butt... But, I'd definitely rather have the perfect butt! Fersure.

  • I'd like the perfect boobs 'cause I'm seeing them all the time when I look in the mirror. Also I already like my butt but not my boobs

  • I am the opposite of butterfly kisses I have great boobs so I would want the ass.

  • I would want the perfect boobs (I already have the perfect butt) LOL

    • Haha I'm not posting pics so perverts on here can look at it LOL but believe what you want:P

    • Liking women's butts doesn't make a guy a pervert. Eating a pound of cheese every day does.

    • Well just saying I have seen it and it is the perfect butt

  • butt...boobs dnt mean anything to me

  • I would prefer the perfect ass.Boobs can always be faked with a good push-up bra. You can't fake a booty and fill out a great pair of jeans with no junk in your trunk.

What Guys Said 3

  • You can always build a great butt, you can never build a great set of those big ol' boobies.

  • Well perfect boobs are not important but perfect butt always matter because when we are in sex the perfect butt give so much pleasure .. So butt is more important not boobs

  • You must included show results in choices too

    • You find a camera with a macro lens and show us yours first?LOL

    • Katiesmuff.... I just wanna say... YOU ROCK!!!!

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