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Why do you guys ask girls to send them naked pic of them?

why do you guys ask girls to send them naked pic of them over the phone like what do they do with it? and why can't they just wait?

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  • Probably because the sexual part of their relationship is mostly sexual and if that were to slide some they'd be out of ti. On the other hand, some guys really like that stuff and get off on it and maybe they think it's a complement to the girl to ask her for one. I'd say there's something good missing in a relationship where a boyfriend has to have naked pictures of his girlfriend sent over the phone. If he's seen your naked body before he should just be anxious to see it next time. Sounds like loser to me because he might be showing it to some of his friends. .

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  • men are very visual and so women are very beautiful naked so the 2 go hand in hand.we always like to see a woman naked.u should ask for one in return from him.see how that goes?

  • It's not hard to imagine what they might do with it. But also, some guys like myself are more visually oriented than others, but the memory doesn't come close to the accuracy of a photo. So a sexy pic is kind of a reality check. Does she look as good as I remember? But I think a nude is asking a lot. You really have to trust someone unless you're not concerned that it could fall in the wrong hands.

  • Its bragging rights mostly I hate to say. I played Lacrosse thoughout highschool and I can't tell you how many times a guy has come up to me in the locker room and said "Hey Smee, look at this pick of this girl I'm gonna hit later." Also it might come in handy on a lonely night. I know I can wait, I've never forced a girl to give me a pic, I did make a girl who wanted a pic of me give me one of her in return but that was only fair in my opinion. Most guys can wait, they just see the pic as a nice thing to have and a trailer of what's to come.

  • Simple answer almost every time it's just to show off to friends. I personally don't think this but maybe a couple are gonna be apart for a long time, but if its an early relationship best bet would be they wanna show their friends.

  • What do you think it's for? ;)

  • I hadn't considered the showing it to friends thing, I guess that might be a good possibility with an immature male. I have never requested a nude pic, but if I did it would be because I like to naked females. I truly enjoy the sight. Most females think they are overweight, or ugly and so are extra reluctant to be seen naked, but actually the female form is very beautiful.

  • Guys have a hard time waiting. They just want to see the nudity immediately. I don`t know why, but that`s how we men are :)

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  • I think aussie90, is being straight forward here. Sometimes it's because they can't be there with them. But usually it's to show off. I don't know how many naked girls I've seen my guy friends showing around. I've never sent one because most of my friends are guys and I know what gets done with them.

  • guys are very visual so as far as what they do with it, well, what you are thinking is probably right on the money. ha. I think when you are in a trusting relationship, a sexy pic can add some spice and make your guy hot for you, so when you do finally see him, he will be turned on and you may find you benefit from it. I've never felt comfortable sending, "naked" pics because I think I'm too scarred to have some thing so personal "out there". I guess anything that is on someone's phone or computer is essentially available for anyone to see so I always keep that in mind, but a sexy picture that is not too revealing or graphic can be just as hot.

    You always hear those stories about people breaking up and then the naked pics surface.not good. But if you send a hot pic that just makes you look sexy with some class then it's not so threatening and if he gets to see the details in person, a little left for the imagination might do the trick.

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