Are women as perverted as men?

people say that women are more perverted than men, is this true

prove it!


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  • yup FORSURE! But of course it depends on the girl as it does with the guy, but I know peronsally and most of my close friends, we are all perverted.. sex is the number one thing I think about and talk about.. I want sex usually way more than my boyfriend does.. we can just finish having sex and I want it again.. I could have sex all day or think about it all day..


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  • Yeah...well at least I am. I think about sex 24/7 and I also masturbate a lot.

    Wish I had a sex buddy

  • What do you mean by perverted? I think the level of pervertedness depends more on the individual than on gender.

    • On general which gender thinks about sex more, based on your opinion

    • I really hate that people use the word perverted for that... to me perverted means like twisted and weird... not just thinking normally about sex.

      Anyway, I still think it fully depends on the person. I really don't think one gender is more interested in sex than the other.

    • That was my thoughts but people say that women are more, but I think ur right

  • yea some girls are I know I can be at well all the time almost like when me and my friends are having a normal conversation that I will turn it nto something that is just sick minded and all so yea we can be haha ;-)

  • i don't know about perverted, but I think about sex everyday! and masterbate multiple times a day! does that make me more perverted than a guy..i don't know.

    • No your probably about as perverted as me

    • Lol. so out of curiosity, how often do you masterbate?

    • Once or twice a day

  • i don't know about AS perverted as men that's a lot to live up to

  • Haha, don't know about other girls,but I'm really perverted;) Like if someone's just having a normal conversation I can usually turn it in to something perverted. I don't really every show it except around my boyfriend because he doesn't really care and he's perverted too...but to answer your question,yeah I'm pretty perverted.


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