I like to be tied up?

but my husband seems kinda vanilla about the whole thing. It turns me on so much when I am tied up and toyed with, I like being out of control...how do I a) get past the want so he is comfortable, or b) convince him that he won't hurt me by being a little rough with me?

Any advice is helpful.


Most Helpful Guy

  • A) ok just take things slow one fetish(for lack of better word) at a time maybe one night ask him to spank you more, or one night spontaniously hand cuff your self to the headboard and hopes he comes to rescue you and then hopefully he will learn to put all that stuff together

    b) you have to tell him you like it a little

    rough then maybe show him just how rough you like it for example

    after you tell him you like it rough and he still looks kinda suprised

    bend over and make him spank you and tell him to hit harder or softer untill he gets it right

    same with hair pulling and another thing you may enjoy but don't do it all at once you got slowly make him adjust his ways

    and you may have to repeat these proceses untill he its second nature to him