How can I REALLY please my husband?

I have recently gotten married and our relationship is great but the one thing I am worried about is the sex department. I lost my virginity to my husband so I have no experience prior to him. When we are having sex he says its good but I can tell by his body language that he's not that into it.... Show More

Most Helpful Guy

  • Relax.. most important advice I can give.

    If you relax, he will too. Then you can just go wild with your imagination (though, discuss anything with him before hand if your imagination has fetishes).

    Great love making is about two things, actually being in love (your married I so you should both have that) and expressing that love.

    All sex is AMMAZNIG if bother partners are relaxed and both find each other sexy.

    So, build the tension, wear your sexiest outfit (but, clearly just for him). True sexy is built in parts, start small, and raise the stakes slowly. If you having him near begging to **** you your doing it right.

    Its called a climax for a reason :)