Ideal size?

Ladies, what is your ideal penis size in length and girth?

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  • i like this question. I like an above average penis. I like them to be 6-8 inches long and the thicker the better. I love about a 2 inch girth. When people says size does not matter that is a lie in my opinion. I have been w a guy that I did really like a lot and he was soooo small. the first time we had sex I honestly no joke thought it was his finger. I still wanted to b with him becsause I liked him but it was disappointing, the only thing I tend to do when I am with a guy who is to small for my liking is to try to compensate by take his hand and place his finger or fingers inside when he is inside of me. some guys like that I think maybe they think its kinky or something, I don't ever tell them its because I want to feel more than what they got to work w. I have also found that a lot of guys w small ones tend to try to be really freaky to compensate but it really does not compensate at least for me. I never comment or make them feel bad bcuz they can't help it, but secretly its a disappoinytment to find out they are small.

    • Dear question asker, thank you for voting my answer as best answer :) If you asked because you are worried about ur own size, try what I like an use ur finger or fingers at the same time you are nside of your sexual partner. If she is into it you will be able to tell right away and if she is not she will likely push your hand away. and just remember if it is a concern to you that your size is not enough, if the woman likes you she will not stop wanting to sleep w you just because of a small size.

    • LOL - no, thanks but that won't be necessary. I actually, almost to a T, share the lenght/girth of the fellow who answered below (8/6.5). I just wanted to know what the 'ideal penis' was. The reason I voted you 'best answer' is because you didn't give the normal bullsh*t that most girls give. All you ever hear is "it's the motion in the ocean".... but that's not the point. Suppose the motion in the ocean is the

      Of course it's all about the "motion in the ocean".... that's not the point.

    • LOL tell it the way I see it always. I do not like to sugar coat things.