Am I a bad guy?

i want anal sex and my girlfriend said no . but I still got to her butt and did it a couple of off times and each time she complains that I didn't respect her and forced her . I mean when I am in her butt she doesn't scream or get annoyed . she just silent. she is the silent type . she has never given me a blow job . so finally she said she didn't want anal sex anymore because its disgusting, she ask me to choose her or anal sex . I chose anal sex because I love it . so she dumped me . I am I a bad guy ?. did she have the right to do that ?

oh yeah one more thing before you give your advise read the comments a made below.


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  • You must feel really deprived dating this girl.

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      You can't image what's like . no blow job, no hand job, no titiesf***, no massage, no kiss on the cheek . no subject of conversation . but I did every thing to her , eat her up . b**bs massage kisses . tell her how gorgeous she to put her in confidence . I send her tons of messages saying she should not be ashamed and she can tell me every thing and do every thing . but she nerver talk and on bed she like a dead monkey . ITS IS CALLED DATING OR SLAVERY!!!!!!