Am I a bad guy?

i want anal sex and my girlfriend said no . but I still got to her butt and did it a couple of off times and each time she complains that I didn't respect her and forced her . I mean when I am in her butt she doesn't scream or get annoyed . she just silent. she is the silent type . she has never given me a blow job . so finally she said she didn't want anal sex anymore because its disgusting, she ask me to choose her or anal sex . I chose anal sex because I love it . so she dumped me . I am I a bad guy ?. did she have the right to do that ?

oh yeah one more thing before you give your advise read the comments a made below.


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  • You must feel really deprived dating this girl.

    • You can't image what's like . no blow job, no hand job, no titiesf***, no massage, no kiss on the cheek . no subject of conversation . but I did every thing to her , eat her up . b**bs massage kisses . tell her how gorgeous she to put her in confidence . I send her tons of messages saying she should not be ashamed and she can tell me every thing and do every thing . but she nerver talk and on bed she like a dead monkey . ITS IS CALLED DATING OR SLAVERY!!!!!!

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  • Umm.. You anal raped your girlfriend and now you're asking if you're a bad guy and if she had the right to dump your ass?


  • i think it;s bad that you kinda convinced her without her eargerness to do something she didn't like just cause you like it so much.

    i think it's completely ok that she left you because you weren't willing to give up anal over her--obvioulsy anal is more inportant to you than a girlfrined or maybe she wasn't worth it cause she wasn't the right girl.

    but I think it's completely ok she left you for wanting something from her that she wasn't willing to do--

    i guess it doesn't make you bad--it makes you a little selfish but seriously for you to choose anal over your girlfriend just goes to show you didn't like her all that much anyway.

  • It was definitely disrespectful of you to try to have anal sex with her after she pointedly asked you not do. But its true that she should've expressed what she was feeling while you were doing her from behind, Anal sex is not particularly disgusting, it's most of the time just really painful. Moreover, girls spend a lot of time making their bodies look good for you, and the anus, well, let's just say has scatalogical associations.

    That said, if you treated her with some more respect and patience, and made an attempt to be slow and careful (as opposed to ramming in her asshole), she would probably come around to looking at anal sex differently, especially if she was assured that you would be with her and love her no matter what..

    • I assured in every way . I licked her anus for month no I ate her anus for months I even made jokes that she is so delicious that I want to eat what's inside her butt. I tried everything possible to make her like it . anal sex does not hurt her I assure you .

  • You shouldn't force her to do that, and going near her butt without her permission was a bad move. Personally I would smacked you over the head. No that I haver anything against anal sex, but if someone doesn't want to do it, then respec their decision. If you are not happy with it, then leave, and get someone who likes it.

  • She said "NO," man. You had no right to do this against her will. You can try to persuade her to change her mind or you can find someone else. But don't ever do anything to another person that is not consensual. Ever.

  • haha wow. your a self absorbed d***.

    • Well yeah after 9 months I became a self absorbed d*** . what will do with a guy who can even massage your boobs or :he say oh sh*t I don't like touching your boobs because I might hurt you . and all what he does is lay on the bed waiting for you to ride on him to never ending land until your wasted for 9 months. then he doesn't say a word je just look at the ceiling for hour and its happens your always the one bringing up topics . why don't SUCK MA DICK

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    • I just saw your comment on 'recently added'. You need to chill dude. I didn't say I didn't do anything else. I just haven't had sex. And you definitely didn't hurt my feelings. ;)

    • Yeah right but still come back when you got experience got it ? then we shall talk . because no matter what I tell you it won't get into your head . so just follow my advice . you said you have done other things ? don't make me laugh .....

  • Yes, she had every right. If she didn't want it then you had no right to be there. It's HER body. If you attempt to have anal sex with someone that says they don't want it then it's called rape. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Rape, pure and simple. However, if she let you enter her anus without complaint... that's a different story. If she didn't want it then she should have said something

    If you're with someone you need to respect that person, her wishes, and her body. If she doesn't want to do something then you have no right trying to get her to do it.

    Your relationship with this girl couldn't have been a good one if you chose to have anal sex over her. That's a huge blow to a woman's pride and self-confidence.


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  • First, if anal sex is a non-negotiable part of a relationship for you, that's fine. However she has every right to say no to anything she's not OK with. Part of being in an adult relationship is discussing and working through differences and making mutual decisions about what compromises will be made for the sake of the relationship. When your partner says no and you just take what you want anyway, you're behaving like a selfish child. I'd say that was the real problem in your relationship, and it's not going away just because she dumped you. You'll either grow up or experience variations of it in every relationship you get into. None of that makes you a bad guy, just a person who's not mature enough to handle a serious relationship.

    "my girlfriend said no . but I still got to her butt and did it a couple of off times and each time she complains that I didn't respect her and forced her "

    Second, if you can openly describe raping someone with no remorse or shame then you've got very serious problems. That does make you a bad guy.

    • Mature enough in the relation ? you think relation is all about sex ? she can even give a hand job but I have all what she likes but I don't receive any no even a kiss on the neck . went she is in trouble I always find solution and always care for her . I had to complain before she could send me a text a say hey how are you doing. DUDE don't f***ing tell me about maturity in a relationship.

    • DUDE, your solution to not getting what you wanted was rape. You've got serious issues to resolve before you're even ready to discuss maturity in a relationship.

    • Serious issue to discuss before getting at rape WTF are you talking about. did you read the comments I wrote. you come talking about maturity .you don't even know what it means . do us a favor just stop writing comments .

  • man, get over this anal thing, is it really that much better? Just have regular sex and maybe one day you'll find an anal nut case.

    • Yeah I think you make a point bu at first t she didn't want to let go off me so I said whatever then when she had enough she toasted my sorry butt lol :-) she was so lame on bed I have to get some pleasure out of her for myself so I went for her butt , for 9 month it was all about her .

  • Youre a moron.

    • YOUR A JACKASS. if you ever gone out with a girl who can give you a blowjob and a hand job. her excuse for not doing a hand job is that she hates touching lubes . you are f***ing crazy

  • Yes