Need help with sexting my boyfriend

We have been living together now 5 years. He sends them to me all the time & gets me so wet! But I just can't make myself to do it. He works for 2 weeks at a time so he is gone a lot.


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  • Depending on what your guy likes give him thoughts to wander about. Telling him your at home reading a book wearing that sexy lingerie you know he likes you in. Or Try telling him that you can't wait for him to put his penis in "his favorite spot".

    Others to try are telling him your going to "Victoria Secret" with ";)" at the end. Just something to let his imagination race, because he will think about it on the way home and when he gets there he will be ready to explode.


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  • i can give you lines if you need them


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  • Lol I know I'm a lot younger than you (if your profile age is real) you but I know exactly how you feel! I've been with my boyfriend just over a year now and he goes to university in Cambridge which is far from where I live so I only see him at the weekends. I used to find it hard to sext and have phone sex because I felt kind of embarrassed and awkward and slightly ashamed. I thought for some reason in the abck of my mind he would see me differently or judge me or something but he didn't he loved it! I shouldnt have been worried at all.

    I think you just have to really be in the mood, you have to be really horny and comfortable with saying dirty things. Think about your perfect sexual scenario and describe in detail what would happen...don't be ashamed or embarrassed...its so normal. loads of couples do it all the time :)

    I hope I helped a little bit :)

    • Hey I did this but now I'm not sure if he's just using me to let go, but we got caught by his mum and had to stop .. Embarassing!! Don't you get worried about the girls at uni? How do you get over that cause I'm in a long disty too!

    • Haha yep. My mum found a couple of texts on my phone in the past, ermm a little bit embarrassing maybe just a bit?!! haha. She's stopped looking at my phone now..she's probably scared at what she'll find lol. Mm I used to get worried. Not now though, I trust him completely. I wouldn't trust any of my other boyfriends I had but this is different...i guess you just have to be comfortable and confident in the relationship. if you're worried, you don't trust him enough? :) x