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DO guys prefer shaved, waxed, trimmed or 'natural' vaginas?

I don't understand how guys could like their women natural, but that's just me. Thoughts?

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  • Awh hell no... :\ SHAVED, WAXED. Nothing else. Forget the trim and get yourself as smoothe as possible and lads should be trimmed to half of what the natural is. :)

    • I SO AGREE!

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  • natural or trimmed.

  • It's not something I'm deadly picky about, but I do prefer shaved, I'd not expect her to wax as I'd imagine that would hurt like hell in comparison... I've really only been with a few girls who didn't shave or at least trim, it's only put me off slightly once, but I think it was an overall combination of poor hygiene and overgrown parts that turned me.

  • Trimmed or natural for me

  • I like a trimmed area, not full bush. I also like the bare look but the sharp stubble that comes back in is difficult for both of us to deal with.

  • Natural is the best for me. Not to be too descriptive but I love the feel of a girl's short and curlies on my face when I eat her out. It is so hot.

  • I enjoy giving oral sex and like shaved/waxed with a little patch above :)

    Natural is ok, but only if it's very well trimmed

  • Natural but groomed. What I mean by this, Natural is great BUT keep it in check. It really depends upon your natural hair. Wax Perinium and Anal Area. TRIM pubic hair with scissors or a long guard on Clippers. I personally like a #3 or #4 Guard on the clippers. Nudity is the best for swimming - embrace it where you can.

  • Trimmed.

  • No wookie's! lol, I like my girls groomed well or shaved. Either one... preferably shaved.

  • Shaved, waxed with a twist of natural...

  • Natural, but I never have oral sex, one way or the other. Maybe it would bother me if I did.

    • Why do you prefer that though?

    • I think it's attractive and womanly. No hair at all makes me think she's just a child. And when the hair starts growing back that's just yuck.

      Also, I generally like things that are simple and natural. Why would anyone need fake nails or a ton of makeup... I'm just that kind of guy. Don't fix it unless it's broken.

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