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Saline Injection

Have anyone tried to inject (Sterile) saline solution (using a Hypodermic needle) into any sexual body parts. I was wondering if it was feasible to... Show More

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  • There are people who inflate their genitals with saline, especially the scrotum. I have seen pictures in forums of men and women using saline injections as well as vacuum pumps to increase the size to pretty impressive sizes.

    Personally I would recommend vacuum over saline because I really don't enjoy needles, but there is a whole sub section of that kind of play as well.

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  • ...

  • I think the act of sticking a needle into my penis would negate any extra kink there would be to having a big, water-balloon schlong

    • You would not to use that much saline solution, you still want to get it in there ;) Anyway for me the needle part would probably be a nice kinky thing to do even without the saline solution. But then again I'm kind of a masochist :)

  • Dunno mate. I guess if you are worried about health issues, possibly ask your doctor or on some medical forums.

  • You're weird.

  • I think you'd just get a lump at the injection site. Probably not what you wanted.

    • Thank you, I was wondering if that was the case. It is true that a lump in one place is not what I'm looking for.

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