All about anal....

OK so last night my boyfriend was really drunk and he asked me if I wanted to have anal sex. I have never done it before and I was really scared, ultimately we didn't because I was being a wuss I just have a few questions maybe it will help?

A) why do guys like this? (I find it extremely awkward)

B)does it hurt?

C)for girls: do you feel gross if you give in to it?

ahh sorry I'm not trying to be a downer on this I'm just inexperienced with this type of sex.


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  • A: Guys generally like giving because it can have a tighter feel. Guys who like receiving like it due to the prostate in the male body, which has often been referred to as the "male G spot". I'll let google answer any further if you're interested.

    B:If you're not slow and don't take the time to stretch the muscles out, YES. Anal sex is all about patience and prepping. If you don't take the time to really work things out, it will hurt more than you can imagine.

    C:I'm not a girl, but I've "given it to it" plenty of times. I never felt gross, just kind of weird in that "I'm not used to this" way, at first.


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  • A) Many reasons, such as but not limited to it's a different feeling', 'it's kinda naughty', 'it's a dominance thing', and so forth. Then again some guys don't care for it at all or find it gross.

    B) As far as I'm aware it shouldn't if you're both doing it right.

    Note that I do not have any experience myself, just stating what I've heard from various people over the years.

  • The thing with anal sex is that it's like a blueberry muffin. Lots of people can't stand it, but if you are in the mood it could be so fuxxing hot oh yeah baby so warm and steamy oh yeah put some butter on oh yeah feels good... You get the idea.

  • I do it cause of the pleasure and pain for the girl I want her to know I'm nasty and dirty. Its a tight hole I usually just busta nut in her ass It is dangerous though you can get diseases but when I'm horny I f***in just let it go I let my d*** do the thinking I gotta checkup I'm clean though.

  • If a man won't have sex with you during your period then also no to anal...blood is cleaner than poop!

  • A) I just like it because its sort of like taking a girls virginity if your the 1st she'll remember you forever. and its extremely tight

    B) its all about LUBE & FOREPLAY if he does these right it shouldn't hurt at all. probably ull feel soar the next day

  • I wouldn't let him try it when he is drunk, you want him to be in complete control, so he doesn't hurt you. It won't hurt, if he does it right.

    The two of you need to use LOTS of lube, and he needs to slowly stretch you over a long period of play time. When you think he has stretched you enough, and you feel ready, then give it a try (slowly though.)


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  • If you feel gross or degraded by "giving in" to anal sex, you should not be doing it. It should be something you and your boyfriend agree to do because you are both curious and willing. Also, I wouldn't suggest yall do it when you and/or he are drunk. To prevent it from hurting you have to go slow and use a lot of lube and you have to be relaxed and trust your boyfriend. If you feel like you are giving in to him and you feel gross you are not going to be relaxed and it will probably hurt. Don't do it just to make him happy, and don't do it if you aren't 100% sure about it.