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I love to be naked all the time, is this weird?

Idk what it is but I just love to be nude. Whenever I'm home alone I right away strip down. I feel more comfortable and it kinda gets me turned on.... Show More

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  • i live in a dorm with no a/c...and nothing is better than sleeping in panties in like 90 degree weather

  • Yup, naked is just better

  • Not completely naked but I like walking around in a tee and my undies lol, ESPECIALLY during summer hahaha It's fun AND YOUR FINE, it's normal as long as you don't walk out the door like that :)

  • I LOVE walking around the house naked ! I don't really get turned on though :)

  • haha I do that too. it's more free

  • true!:) everything is funner naked!(:

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