GUYS: squirting girls?

Does squirting turn you on or off? Do you like it when a girl squirts if so why? if not then.. also why? lol


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  • Real squirting is a little spritz or dribble from the Skene's glands above the urethra. A big squirt is pee or a contraction forcing fluid out of the fornix (pocket below the cervix). Real squirting during oral sex is an indication I am doing the right things and experiencing it is quite exciting.


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  • Id find it to be a real turn on and feel accomplished in doing so. Its a sign that the guy is doing something right.

  • I love it! As far as why, I can't really put an exact reason. It's just really sexy to physically see a girl squirt when she comes. Why do you you squirt when you come?

  • Turn On. I don't why. It's just amazing. I've never done anything with a girl so I guess that's why I don't have a why.

  • I've never been with a girl who squirts. Would need to do that before judging...any volunteers?

  • Ive made a girl squirt once. didn't expect it but I don't like it. I just think its a little weird and disgustin. But when you think about it, its just as if a Guy is cummin

    • Really? didn't think guys would be thinking about a man when a girl gets an orgasm (if she squirts) but owell we're all different lol Do you think it's weird and disgusting because of that or because of something else?

    • No I'm saying why shuld it be weird for a guy if its not weird for the only because when I made the girl squirt it was in my mouth...idk tho...i just don't like it

    • Okay :) Well it's good that you know what you like and what you don't like (:

  • I think it's a turn on. Of course I've never been with a squirter myself, I just like watching it in p*rn. I feel I would like it though, as long as it didn't make too much of a mess.

  • It's a huge turnon, it's very sexual, and its another aspect of her sexuality I can enjoy. It's bold, and hot.


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