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Biting fetish?

I recently started dating this girl and we only became intimate about two weeks ago. The last week she has started biting my neck,shoulders,upper... Show More

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  • maybe its her pain..she feels so much she doesn't know how to control herself?

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  • She's obviously a poor girl going through the painful transformation into becoming a vampire. It's normal for them to bite without realizing it in that stage, and it often mortifies them. As the transformation progresses however, she will bite more often and more willingly. Other symptoms will present themselves, like aversion to light and to garlic. Once the transformation is complete her bites will turn you into a vampire, so I would cut off the relationship before then unless being a vampire sounds like your cup of tea.

    Good luck.

    • Ahahha

    • Rofl

    • I thought more of a puppy and a chew toy. The friend I asked wanted to see them and said it was disgusting she said around my collarbone looked like hamburger, she's into horror flicks and said zombie. Whoever is right its a fun way to go.

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