I have big inner labia, is this common? are guys put off?

i am really worried about having sex with my boyfriend because of this, he keeps tryin to put his hands down there but I pull away I dont want him 2 feel rejected but is it gross?


Most Helpful Guy

  • For starters, yes this is common. The majority of women have inner labia that protrude past the outer labia in some way. Only in the prepubescent category are slits more common than flowers.

    In all the surveys I have seen, of the guys that care one way or the other, the vast majority prefer flowers over slits. You also have the group in the middle that would love to spend time with your labia. So if you actually want to have sex with him go ahead and do it. If he is one of the few guy that would run away from a nice pair of labia, then he isn't worth your anyway.

    Be proud of what you have. Go enjoy yourself and stop worrying about what he might think!