I wanna give him a night he'll never forget. Help! ;)

So I'm saving up to get him some timberland work boots :) and I got myself a little something to make him extra happy ;D

but I wanna know, how I can make him never ever forget his birthday, I wanna make him go crazy for me and tease him but in the end leave him satisfied. guys please give me tips to give him a night he will never ever forget. I need as much answers as I can, girls can answer too :)


Most Helpful Girl

  • wen he comes home after a long day, give him a massage as you prepare a bath for both of u. don't forget to cook or buy what he likes the most, so after the bath(dont have sex in the bathtub as you usually do I assume) go eat with only candle light, make it romantic. ask him how his day was and be more attentive than ever! after the dinner go to the bedroom put on something nice and begin dancing with him(romantic stuff not the p*rn stripper stuff..) dance as you make out and slowly get to bed and have slow and nice sex, not the type where you rip off your clothes and just begin hamping. take your time. the fact that you are doing stuff differently to that night will make it memorable.
    PS, if that's how u've always been doing it then just do the opposite. goodluck