Is it normal for girls to get dry during sexual intercourse? why does that happen?

like for some reason I just get dry out of nowhere. like sometimes I get really wet, that I drip but then out of nowhere it starts to hurt a little as it goes in and I get dry. do you know the reason why?


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  • That suggest to me, from the pain, you become much less excited and thus get go dry. It's a normal consequence of losing arousal.


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  • You might just be running out of fluid for any of several reasons. If you are not drinking much water you go dry faster. Keep a sample size of lotion or lube with you and touch-up if it happens. No need to suffer or have self doubts.


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  • Maybe you just get a little less aroused during the sex?

    Try doing positions that really turn you on and having him touch your clit during sex (or do it yourself). He can also give you oral sex when the problem occurs.

  • There could be a lot of reasons that happen. You might need to put lube on if you get dry. If you put it on when you go dry it will be better for you.