Girls reaction to a guy not getting hard?

I'm sure it turns them off a bit...but do girls usually freak out and not talk to the guy anymore or are they more OK with it. I really like the girl I'm seeing and I've given her great oral sex (she said she loves it lol) and were great together and we really like each other. I'm just kinda afraid she's gonna stop talking to me. I don't want that to happen!


Most Helpful Girl

  • Of course I wouldn't get mad or walk away, I'd want to find a solution to this problem. Show her what to do. Or tell her, or do it to her and maybe she'll copy. Or tell her you want her to play the "Mirror Game" where you do something to her and she does the same back to her. So if you lick her nipple, she does the same, if she rubs your crotch, you rub hers. It's a great insight into each others wants and sexual desires and you can learn what gets each othe going.