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Self conscious being naked in front of guy?

I've only been with one other person and I realized that even though I'm not overly self conscious I get self conscious about the little things like... Show More

thanks guys!

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  • Unfortunately there will always be one jerk that will point out a flaw to 2, but don't let that discourage you. Your so called "imperfections" are what make you different from everyone else, so be Happy! :-) . No matter what happens, never blame yourself if someone makes a comment. If they can't accept you for who you are then they clearly are not the one for you. Lastly, be proud of yourself!

    Hope this helps

    feel free to comment lol :-)

    • Thanks!

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  • No, we don't.

    Yes, you are.

    We feel grateful.

  • Definitely over analysing it girl, cool down you're fine.

    I prefer a pretty, well shaped girl, who might have some marks or even a big scar over just a perfect skin.

    • Haha, thanks I figured I was. I appreciate your respone

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