Do guys think natural breasts sag?

I have natural breasts. They are size 36 C . I was just wondering what guys opinions were on natural breasts and how they look without a shirt or bra. I'm worried that mine look unattractive compared to what I see on p*rn. I know p*rn depicts fake boobs and perfect bodies but if that's true then my natural boobs don't measure up. I'm worried that mine look like they are sagging compared to all the fake boobs. Do guys think natural breasts look like they are sagging?

Thanks everyone for all the positive feedback . However they do sag . I think it's because I lost some weight. Ugh :/
you guys are right I think I'm over reacting about all this. its my own insecurities :/


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  • The opitmie of attractive is not p*rn! geez I'v heard that so much on this site, id consider a girl that wasn't a barbie doll attractive, women in p*rn are not the ideal maybe to some yes but every guys taste is different its never going to be possible to please everyone. Personally I prefer natural and that goes for boobs too fake boobs in general arnt even attractive to me, I can pretty much tell when a girls boobs are fake regardless of if the shirt is on or off and id prefer the natural sag that usually comes along with natural breasts. don't feel down, if a guy is causing you to have this worry, don't stress about it let him fantasise about fake women. just stay natural:P


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  • Natural boobs don't look like they sag; they do sag due to gravity. It's science and the only cure is implants.

  • We prefer real, that way they actually bounce.

  • not at all. It's only the larger ones that are size DD and up that look like they are sagging, and I personally like a girl not afraid to go without a bra in public. ;)

  • "I know p*rn depicts fake boobs and perfect bodies but if that's true then my natural boobs don't measure up"...that didn't really make sense. Porn gives both guys and girls unrealistic expectations. Boobs are going to sag because, well that's gravity. We already understand that before you even get your shirt off. So there's no need to worry :)

  • Ill always go with the natural. Can't look at p*rn and compare yourself with that.

  • my girl complains about that too. hers are perky but still sags a little. that is not a problem at all. I haven't heard one guy that would complain about some large natural breast. I know your going to have your natural insecurities but believe me they are fine

  • 36C? Those are perfect size for the average girl. I was with a girl that had 36C's and they were fantastic! Yes the boobs might sag a TAD bit...but they're still warm, soft, and bouncy! So who cares?

  • Naturals are always better, even if they sag I fing them quite sexy! Don't worry c cup are great!


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  • I'm the same size as you (and bi), and I think natural is awesome. I don't think that looks like sagging, it's just how bodies work. I personally just hate when I am naked and want to lay on my side, though. That's just awkward.

    I think natural is much sexier. Just because obvious fake 'perfect' ones automatically make me think of the girl as a bit of a slut (yes, I know its not always true). Plus, there's a better feeling to natural.

    I always used to pose this same question to my ex. He just thought it was silly, and he didn't think they sagged at all.

    • You will probably wind up putting on and dropping weight back and forth over time . . I do. Sometimes it's like they're huge puffy water balloons and they're perfectly perky- but I have to deal with having a heavier butt and thighs to get there. Other times I drop a few pounds and they do get a little more prone to gravity.

      I refuse to really call it 'sagging' til I'm an old f***ing lady.

  • Guys on here claim "natural is better" blahblahblah but yet continue to comment on here about how nasty sagginess is,how unattractive big areolas are,making "jokes" about girls with small breasts calling them "12 year old boys" etc...

    If you know your breasts aren't attractive,then either wear a bra 24/7 and never show him or have cosmetic or plastic surgery

    • Every time you talk, it seems like the only things you have to say are incredibly damaging to every woman's self confidence.

      It's not mentally healthy to decide to hide your body all of the time. In fact, advice like that is where mental disorder starts.

    • Why do you keep commenting on my answers then?

      And who determined what is mentally healthy?You?

  • Unfortunately sagging is natural. Guys are aware of that. The breasts that don't sag are the fake ones.