Do guys think natural breasts sag?

I have natural breasts. They are size 36 C . I was just wondering what guys opinions were on natural breasts and how they look without a shirt or bra. I'm worried that mine look unattractive compared to what I see on p*rn. I know p*rn depicts fake boobs and perfect bodies but if that's true then my... Show More

Thanks everyone for all the positive feedback . However they do sag . I think it's because I lost some weight. Ugh :/
you guys are right I think I'm over reacting about all this. its my own insecurities :/

Most Helpful Guy

  • The opitmie of attractive is not p*rn! geez I'v heard that so much on this site, id consider a girl that wasn't a barbie doll attractive, women in p*rn are not the ideal maybe to some yes but every guys taste is different its never going to be possible to please everyone. Personally I prefer natural and that goes for boobs too fake boobs in general arnt even attractive to me, I can pretty much tell when a girls boobs are fake regardless of if the shirt is on or off and id prefer the natural sag that usually comes along with natural breasts. don't feel down, if a guy is causing you to have this worry, don't stress about it let him fantasise about fake women. just stay natural:P