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Sexual tension?

I'm having a few little issues within my relationship with my boyfriend. He's going to be gone for a few weeks soon. He mentioned sexual tension... Show More

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  • Umm.let me put it this way. Nothing relieves a man's sexual tension other than doing the deed. I don't care what girls say: romantic nights out, dirty talk (which is just CRUEL because it actually heightens a man's sexual tension rather than reducing it), etc. The best way to relieve it is to actually make a guy orgasm to be honest. Do you plan on doing sexual things besides sex? Because those could help. If you want a very non-physical relationship for the time-being, I would just bring up the issue straightforwardly with your bf. Tell him where you stand and that you don't want to be pressured into doing anything, but that you also want him to feel satisfied and happy in the relationship. He may be willing to listen to you and come to a compromise. If he's a teenager, just bear with him and his advances, because trust me, our sex drive during that age seriously gets out of control. It's not completely his fault. A lot of it is just male instinct - or so I like to think. Good luck.

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  • Okay so most relationship will have this rather they like it or not its a way of life If I were you I would find things to spice up the sparks without having to get physical. have a romantic dinner or go do something fun and exciting! ,like bowling. doing things you enjoy relives stress or you can go to comedy show, laughing releases chemicals in the body that send off happy feelings and really boost a mood. just do things you love to release stress no matter the type it is.

    Hope I helped

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